BUSINESS - 29 June 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Brexit means more Chinese tourists to the UK

More Chinese tourists have been booking trips to London as a result of the plunging pound thanks to the Brexit vote. (Shutterstock)   A volatile stock market, downgraded credit rating, and plunging pound may be some of the economic woes plaguing the UK after the Brexit vote, but the...

HORECA - 22 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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Réouverture du palace parisien, le Ritz.

Après 4 ans de travaux, il est temps pour le célébrissime palace parisien de la Place Vendôme de rouvrir ses portes. C’est un événement tout particulier qui s’est déroulé le Lundi 6 Juin dernier au 15 Place Vendôme &agra...

HORECA - 22 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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How Disruptive Innovation Can Benefit the Luxury Market

If you look up the word 'disruptive' in the Oxford Dictionary, you may be in for a surprise: rubbing shoulders with such classic definitions as unruly, disorderly and unmanageable, you'll also find inventive, ingenious and groundbreaking. And that just about puts it in a nutshell....

LIFESTYLE - 15 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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Hermès expose son savoir-faire à Mexico

  Mexico - Entourée de curieux qui la prennent en photo, sous une halle installée dans le quartier chic de Polanco, à Mexico, une couturière d'Hermès, marque emblématique du luxe français, plante d'un geste précis son aiguille d...

ARTS - 14 June 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Art and Luxury in China

The Miss Dior exhibition at UCCA in Beijing, which ran in April and May 2015. (Courtesy Photo)   The line between luxury and art is blurring across the world, but it’s doing so especially quickly in China. With extremely high net worth and a taste for the finer things in life...

FASHION - 08 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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Le luxe européen à l’heure anglaise

  Depuis le Swinging London des années 1960, la scène mode anglaise s’est taillé une sacrée réputation : jeune, excentrique, libre et sans complexes. Chaque décennie a apporté son lot d’agitateurs, des punks emmen&ea...

BUSINESS - 03 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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Are luxury brands struggling to attract the internet generation?

The huge pool of millennial consumers grew up with the internet, smartphones and a sharing economy in which owning things like cars is seen as almost unhip   Seducing hyper-connected millennials poses an increasing challenge for luxury brands, which find their markets slowing as young, ...