BUSINESS - 20 March 2018 - by BlogLux
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Bridal market, an opportunity for the luxury industry

For luxury brands that are involved in the wedding industry, there are boundless opportunities to broaden their product offerings and client bases, but first, they need to attain a clear understanding of the bridal market. The wedding industry is flourishing, propelled by the growing populati...

BUSINESS - 16 March 2018 - by BlogLux
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Luxury online sales to triple by 2025

  While luxury fashion brands were generally slow to embrace e-commerce, shoppers have made it clear that they’re more and more comfortable buying even their high-end stuff online. A number of e-commerce models have emerged to sell those customers their luxury goods, and McKi...

BUSINESS - 23 February 2018 - by BlogLux
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Fosun takes control of French fashion house Lanvin

Fosun International announced on Thursday that it had acquired a controlling stake in the 129-year-old French fashion house Lanvin, joining other Chinese companies that have recently bought top brands to capitalise on the demand for luxury products from wealthy mainlanders.   ...

BUSINESS - 31 January 2018 - by BlogLux
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Arnault Now Richer Than Zuckerberg

  Luxury Goods Titan Arnault Now Richer Than Zuckerberg After Record LVMH Results LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury products group, announced record sales on Thursday of 42.6 billion Euros in 2017, up 13% over the previous year, as all divisions ...

BUSINESS - 23 January 2018 - by BlogLux
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Richemont to acquire Yoox Net a Porter

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) - Compagnie Financière Richemont built a conglomerate offering the world's wealthiest consumers the highest-quality product, often in the most luxurious of settings. Clients walking into a Cartier flagship or a Piaget boutique - both Richemont brands - could expect ...

BUSINESS - 04 December 2017 - by BlogLux
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Luxury market tops $1.4 trillion this year

Luxury is back in fashion as the shine has returned to the market after a year of stagnation. Top-end cars, personal goods and luxury experiences are driving this growth across regions.   The overall luxury market – encompassing both goods and luxury experiences – grew by ...

BUSINESS - 11 October 2017 - by BlogLux
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Amazon's problem attracting luxury goods

Empty shelves in the new Amazon facility, in Longueau, France. Photo: Thibault Camus / AP High-end brands are giving Amazon some pushback on its policies about counterfeits and unauthorized sellers, leaving Amazon sales devoid of some luxury products, the WSJ report...

BUSINESS - 31 August 2017 - by BlogLux
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How Bitcoin is making waves in the luxury market

When Bitcoin and a subsequent raft of cryptocurrencies first landed in the early part of the decade, many people -- including noted economists and finance experts -- dismissed them as a fad. These new forms of digital money were viewed as little more than capitalist Tamagotchis, currencie...

BUSINESS - 07 July 2017 - by BlogLux
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Mulberry forming Japan joint venture

British luxury brand Mulberry Group signed an agreement with Japanese entity Onward GlobalFashion Co., it announced on Friday, to form a new 50:50 joint venture to operate in the country. The AIM-traded firm said the new company - Mulberry Japan - would be head...

BUSINESS - 08 May 2017 - by BlogLux
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Coach to acquire Kate Spade for 2.4 Billion

  A Coach store in New York. “The acquisition of Kate Spade is an important step in Coach’s evolution as a customer-focused, multibrand organization,” said the Coach chief executive, Victor Luis.CreditJennifer S. Altman for The New York Times Coach, the American make...

BUSINESS - 05 April 2017 - by BlogLux
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LVMH goes digital

LVMH hired Ian Rogers from Apple in 2015 to lead the expansion of online retail LVMH goes digital with all its brands under one luxury goods site LVMH, the world’s largest luxury goods company by revenue, plans to launch a website in May that will be branded as its department store Le ...

BUSINESS - 23 March 2017 - by BlogLux
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Hermes Defies Luxury Market

Hermes International (HESAY)  said Wednesday that its last fiscal year was "exceptional" even as the luxury goods sector struggled from a slowdown in European sales linked to terrorist attacks and increasingly competitive markets in China. The French luxury goods...

BUSINESS - 13 January 2017 - by BlogLux
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How LVMH Makes Luxury More Sustainable

  The companies that are most vocal about environmental and social issues tend to be big, mass-market brands — well-known retailers, consumer products giants, and tech firms that are telling a new story to consumers who increasingly care about sustainability. It migh...

BUSINESS - 22 November 2016 - by BlogLux
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Are luxury brands clicking on the right buttons?

  If you think luxury products are ahead on salesmanship, then consider this: Prada didn’t even have a website till 2007. Today, the brand not only has a website that matches the latest design standards, but also sells online in the US and has a wide social media presence. Many o...

BUSINESS - 12 October 2016 - by BlogLux
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UK 'most affordable' luxury market in world

The UK has become the most affordable market for luxury goods in the world but shoppers from overseas may only have a limited time to cash in, it is claimed. Analysis by Deloitte said the UK topped the affordability stakes in the immediate aftermath of the country's vote to leave the EU...

BUSINESS - 20 September 2016 - by BlogLux
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Middle-East: An opportunity for the luxury market

Major chunk of revenue is coming from tourists than residents The Middle East, led by strong growth in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, represents a big opportunity for premium brands as the global luxury goods sector is expected to grow more slowly in 2016, at a rate many retailers may find disappo...

BUSINESS - 15 September 2016 - by Abhay Gupta
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How luxury brands should target India’s super-rich

Despite the economic slowdown across the world, the size of the global luxury market is estimated to be around $2 trillion. The BRICS markets, more specifically China and India rather than Brazil and Russia, have been in the spotlight for the past few years. However, luxury marketers in China l...

BUSINESS - 31 July 2016 - by BlogLux
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Can Amazon Conquer the Luxury Market ?

Luxury brands and retailers that think they’re safe from the disruptive force of Amazon are sorely mistaken. So said Shullman Research Center’s recently published report, “Is Amazon Coming Into its Prime?” which advised upscale marketers and sellers alike to think...

BUSINESS - 20 July 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Hong Kong’s Luxury Retailers to Beat the Sales Slump

  With continued sliding luxury sales due in large part to an ongoing mainland tourist slump, Hong Kong’s high-end retailers have some major rethinking to do for their strategy going forward. On June 22nd, The French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and KPMG brought together luxury...

BUSINESS - 29 June 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Brexit means more Chinese tourists to the UK

More Chinese tourists have been booking trips to London as a result of the plunging pound thanks to the Brexit vote. (Shutterstock)   A volatile stock market, downgraded credit rating, and plunging pound may be some of the economic woes plaguing the UK after the Brexit vote, but the...

BUSINESS - 03 June 2016 - by BlogLux
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Are luxury brands struggling to attract the internet generation?

The huge pool of millennial consumers grew up with the internet, smartphones and a sharing economy in which owning things like cars is seen as almost unhip   Seducing hyper-connected millennials poses an increasing challenge for luxury brands, which find their markets slowing as young, ...
BUSINESS - 21 May 2016 - by Abhay Gupta
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Luxury Connect Opens The Gates To Indian Luxury

Sensing a gap in the market, Luxury Connect Business School has designed a program offering attendees two weeks of experiential & immersive learning in the luxury heartland of India. Here, Luxury Connect Founder & CEO Abhay Gupta provides an insight. The grandeur of Udaivilas Pala...
BUSINESS - 16 May 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Luxury brands aren't convinced Alibaba can crack down on counterfeits

Fake Saint Laurent bags for sale on Taobao.   As Alibaba continues to make efforts to convey the image that it’s doing its best to fight the scourge of counterfeit goods on its platforms, a recent controversy over its admission to the world’s largest anti-counterfeiting or...

BUSINESS - 11 May 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Chinese consumers’ demand for Korean products

With a K-pop obsession and love for traveling to South Korea, Chinese consumers’ demand for Korean products is creating big competition for Western brands in the areas of beauty and fashion. Korean cosmetics exports to China surged 250 percent last year, and accounted for almo...

BUSINESS - 02 May 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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China gets tough with customs control

  A photo that went viral on Chinese social media last week purportedly showing items dumped by Chinese tourists to avoid tariff hikes when going through customs at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport. (Weibo)   As the massive price gap between imported luxury goods in China a...

BUSINESS - 14 April 2016 - by Abhay Gupta
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Opulence Goes Digital

Digital innovation and the emphasis on consumers have led to merging of fashion, technology and luxury to provide a seamless experience. Luxury as a segment has been a reluctant acceptor of the digital medium in general. Its touch-me -not and dominant, almost dictatorial attitude, which bor...

BUSINESS - 11 April 2016 - by BlogLux
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China's Grey Luxury Market Threatened by New Tax Regime

  China wants its shoppers to buy luxury goods at home, not abroad. China is raising fees on packages ordered from abroad and cracking down on smugglers who carry in suitcases full of luxury goods, in a concerted effort to encourage shopping at home and squeeze a grey market that shoppe...

BUSINESS - 24 March 2016 - by BlogLux
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The luxury industry’s double standards

  I am in a hotel elevator listening to an odd conversation. Two gorgeously put together young ladies—both Indian, on a visit to Dubai—are animatedly discussing what steps they are taking to curtail their shopping addiction. I silently wish them luck because Dubai for a shopaholi...

BUSINESS - 11 February 2016 - by Eoin Cooney
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License to kill?

  Licensing is either the poison apple or the golden goose depending on who you speak to. Why are people so divided on this topic? Obviously it is based on personal experience but why do these experiences vary so much? It seems to be that some licensing product categories add value to a bran...

BUSINESS - 31 January 2016 - by BlogLux
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The Rich Don't Drive the Luxury Sector

Despite popular belief, demand for personal luxury goods is driven primarily by upwardly mobile 'new money' — not by the 'old money' rich. LONDON, United Kingdom — If luxury spending was indeed driven by the rich, the luxury industry would be a niche sector se...

BUSINESS - 27 January 2016 - by BlogLux
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Bloomingdale’s continues Middle East expansion

Department store chain Bloomingdale’s has announced that it will increase its Middle Eastern presence with the opening of a store in Kuwait. Scheduled for spring 2017, Bloomingdale’s Kuwait location will be the retailer’s second international location, with the first ope...

BUSINESS - 13 January 2016 - by BlogLux
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Angela Ahrendts: the woman aiming to make Apple a luxury brand

  In Danny Boyle’s gripping Steve Jobs film, the talkie action is set before a series of product launches. The issue that’s repeatedly revisited by the Jobs character is the prime importance of technical development. In a tech company such as Apple, that’s hardly a s...

BUSINESS - 11 January 2016 - by Eoin Cooney
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The future of retail

  Once upon a time the wholesale model was very straightforward. Retailers purchased stock from brands which they then sold on to customers in their stores. The contract between the retailer and brand was binding and if the stock didn’t sell at full price it went into sale. This rel...

BUSINESS - 04 January 2016 - by BlogLux
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Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Luxury Retail

  Is Apple looking to recreate its in-store retail experience? Recent moves by the electronics giant would suggest yes — and the makeover has a decidedly lux feel. In light of the company’s addition of new high ticket price products in the physical retail environment and the i...

BUSINESS - 29 December 2015 - by BlogLux
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5 Predictions for China's luxury industry in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, we’re not only looking back at the year in review for our year-end coverage, but also analyzing what lies ahead for China’s luxury industry in 2016. Based on the developments in the industry we’ve been seeing over the past year, here are our ...

BUSINESS - 28 December 2015 - by BlogLux
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Yoox & Net-a-porter Merge

  Media hype and heightened market scrutiny swirled for months over the merger between the Yoox and Net-a-porter groups, ever since the combination was revealed in March. Asked why all the buzz, Federico Marchetti, chief executive officer of the newly formed Yoox&...

BUSINESS - 03 December 2015 - by Alex Mason
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Paris attacks: What it means for luxury retail

  Retail and luxury consumer goods have been in focus following the terror attacks in Paris last week, with analysts predicting a dent in demand due to declining tourism in the French capital. France is one of the leading luxury markets in world, with people traveling from all over th...