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Is Gucci’s fine dining a new step in luxury fashion?

Gucci Opens Fine Dining Restaurant The Italian fashion house has opened a 50-seat restaurant, Gucci Osteria, in Florence where three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura will serve up high-end dishes. Gucci Osteria | Source: Courtesy FLORENCE, Italy — It'...

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LVMH expands its gourmet grocer in Paris

PARIS, Nov 8  - Luxury goods firm LVMH is opening a second high-end food hall in Paris, betting on growing appetite from locals for gourmet groceries as the group spruces up its stores across the French capital. The launch of the three-story food hall, in the well-heeled 16th dist...

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Airbnb enter the luxury rental market

  Airbnb Makes Further Inroads into Luxury Sector   It has recently been announced that Airbnb has won the acquisition for Montreal-based company Luxury Retreats for an undisclosed figure, beating competitors such as Expedia and Accor. The acquisition will help diversify Airbnb&...

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In conversation with Ana M. Brant


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How Disruptive Innovation Can Benefit the Luxury Market

If you look up the word 'disruptive' in the Oxford Dictionary, you may be in for a surprise: rubbing shoulders with such classic definitions as unruly, disorderly and unmanageable, you'll also find inventive, ingenious and groundbreaking. And that just about puts it in a nutshell....

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Fendi Opens Designer Boutique Hotel

Fendi's new flagship store is located in their atelier-cum-entertaining space Palazzo Fendi, an 18th century edifice in the heart of Rome   Fendi’s sweeping moves in its hometown of Rome show no sign of slowing. After becoming the generous benefactor of the Trevi ...

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Paris Sweeps Forbes Travel Star Awards

Forbes Travel Guide is making strides in its quest to become the global standard in star ratings. In releasing its 58th annual list of star awards for hotels, spas and restaurants, the travel guide this week said that its 2016 list is the biggest ever. For luxury hotels, it added ...