INTERVIEWS - 09 March 2018 - by BlogLux
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Why luxury retail KPIs and incentive schemes need a makeover

  In luxury retail these days (or any retail, for that matter), it all seems to be about the internet and Millennials, doesn’t it? Retailers would tell you that digital technologies have disrupted the business, then go on to add that Millennials are proving a tough demographic to crack...

INTERVIEWS - 02 November 2017 - by BlogLux
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Christopher Bailey to cut all ties with Burberry

Designer Christopher Bailey, who was replaced as Burberry chief executive earlier this year, will leave the British brand in 2018, ending a 17-year stint in which he helped transform a company once known mainly for trench coats into a global luxury icon. Bailey added the title of CEO to his...

INTERVIEWS - 06 March 2017 - by BlogLux
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The state of the luxury market: 2017

  Despite suggestions to the contrary, the demand for luxury products and services was continuously rising in the UAE in 2016, albeit at a slower pace. This proves that there is a growth of wealthy and ultra-rich consumers; key potential customers of the luxury segment, which is a contri...

INTERVIEWS - 16 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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China leading the way in e-commerce for the luxury industry

CHINA. E-commerce is changing rapidly in China as the boundaries between online and offline are being blurred and new technologies come to the fore. Over 150 luxury industry executives from brands such as Dior, Swarovski, Bulgari, and LVMH took part in the second edition of the Luxury ...

INTERVIEWS - 07 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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Indians To Embrace Preowned Luxury Goods

When the luxury pre-owned and thrift segment caught Anvita Mehra’s eye in the UK, it was something she wanted for India; her challenge lay in how to make a viable business of a concept that had so much stigma attached to it in her home country. As a first year student at the University ...

INTERVIEWS - 21 July 2016 - by BlogLux
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Luxury Industry Careers Interview Advice

Interview guide An interview is a two way process – the potential employer will be learning about you and vice versa. Information will be gained not only from the answers given to their questions, but also from the kind of questions you ask and the opinions you hold. There is no mag...

INTERVIEWS - 25 April 2016 - by Abhay Gupta
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Sustainable Luxury Marketing – An Imperative Approach

  Sustainable Luxury Marketing – An Imperative Approach Authors : Mr Abhay Gupta, CEO & Founder, Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business School,Gurgaon.  Dr Tanushri Purohit, Academic Director, Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business ...

INTERVIEWS - 20 April 2016 - by Zara Hoffman
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Gucci CEO: China's luxury consumers aren't "ashamed" to wear logos

Reports of the logo’s death in China are greatly exaggerated. The man with the authority to comment is Marco Bizzarri, chief executive of Gucci, a brand where intertwined GG’s have been a cornerstone of its offerings for 95 years. Bizzarri, a keynote speaker at the recent New Y...

INTERVIEWS - 22 December 2015 - by BlogLux
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Theo Fennell's Concerns for the Luxury Industry

Theo Fennell, creative director at Theo Fennell, talks with Francine Lacqua about changes to the luxury industry over the last 20 years and what he sees as his biggest challenges over the next year. He speaks on "The Pulse."   ​