LIFESTYLE - 07 April 2018 - by BlogLux
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Mobile Games to Attract Chinese Millennials ?

Louis Vuitton and Angry Birds may seem totally unrelated, but more and more luxury brands are creating digital games to keep customers in their branded worlds just a bit longer. The latest example is Hermès, which recently released a mobile app called H-pitchhh. Inspired by the trad...

LIFESTYLE - 04 March 2018 - by BlogLux
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Luxury labels coming out of Africa

  Luxury labels from the African continent are expanding rapidly and some hope they will become the next generation of global household names. The global luxury goods industry is worth more than $1.5bn (£1bn), according to research by global business consulting firm, Bain &am...

LIFESTYLE - 14 November 2017 - by BlogLux
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Emirates: Luxury is in the air

  Dubai-based airline Emirates has just debuted the latest in air travel luxury. New first class private suites can now be found in some of the airline's Boeing 777s (the airline has 147 777sin service). The new suites take inspiration from the interiors of Mercedes-Benz cars. ...

LIFESTYLE - 19 December 2016 - by BlogLux
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Kering introduces a minimum length of time for maternity...

  With effect from 1 January 2017, Kering’s parental policy will allow all the Group’s employees, whatever their personal circumstances or location, a minimum of 14 weeks on full pay for maternity and adoption leave and a minimum of five days on full pay for paternity or pa...

LIFESTYLE - 01 November 2016 - by Cassie Owen
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Relocating to the Middle East - Dubai

Dubai is internationally known as one of the most sophisticated futuristic and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Having retained its position as one of the most important international retail destinations globally. Dubai is one of the fastest growing locations for luxury lifestyle retail. &...

LIFESTYLE - 10 December 2015 - by BlogLux
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Designing Christmas luxury

For many of us, Christmas has become a season of consumerism, a period associated with excess and indulgence - a time of both thoughtful selection and last minute panic purchases. For those of us working with premium and luxury brands it’s an interesting time, as both gift-giving and recei...

LIFESTYLE - 21 July 2015 - by BlogLux
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Kering sues Alibaba

​ The owner of luxury brands that include Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent has for the second time in a year sued Alibaba over what it says are sales of counterfeit goods on the Chinese e-commerce giant’s websites. The luxury company, Kering, filed the lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan, a spo...