About Us

As the leading social network for the luxury market professionals, JOBLUX has become throughout the years, a reference in online recruitment & employment for luxury brands. We proudly achieved our first goal of gathering all the talents who make the luxury around a dedicated portal.

JOBLUX was created by a team of recruitment professionals when it first launched as a job board website. Since that time, our community grew and felt the need to go beyond the classic employment website type. We listened and went from niche job board to niche social network.

For the luxury talents who are new to JOBLUX, they now have access to a user friendly and sleek designed portal with rich luxury industry focused content. They will also find career opportunities updated daily and paired with our new networking tools enhancing collaboration between members.

JOBLUX as of today gather over 145K registered members, +715 luxury businesses advertising with us (from all domains) and a growing community of students/alumni. We are expanding and eagerly aiming at cornering the luxury industry market worldwide.

The board

Alex Mason

Founder and managing partner; Alex connects luxury brands professionals with most rewarding luxury market employers. He is also a luxury industry news writer as well as an e-recruitment GURU. Alex is the head developer of our niche social network concept.

Emma Philips

Emma is our online community manager in charge of the customers accounts and media partnership. She's a well versed eBusiness professional and joined JOBLUX in 2009 in order to help build a worldwide presence and grow the network internationally. Hobby: shopping flee markets.

Jean-Michel Castagne

IT director and user experience specialist, JM is our head of support in charge of all development for the JOBLUX network since 2011. JM is the tech guy of the board. Best chess player ever of the team.


With constant growing traffic and excellent returning and unique visitors rates, JOBLUX can rely on + 715 luxury brands and businesses partnered with us who helped build a considerable database of professionals, students/alumni, freelancers as well as all kind of luxury followers.

150K Users Registered
150 Different Skills
+85K CV Shared`
+450K Visits Monthly
815 Luxury Employers registered

Worldwide presence

2005: Started in the U.K - 2007: Launching in France - 2009: Followed by Europe 2010: U.S.A presence - 2012: Start in ASIA - 2015: Soon in the Middle-East— 2016: Scheduled in Russia - 2017: Landing in Latin America.