Invest in the fastest growing luxury market professionals social network

JOBLUX is the fastest growing community of luxury industry professionals on the web. With presence in over 40 countries and translated to 8 languages (French,english, spanish, italian, chinese,arabic, russian..), we intend to corner the market across new regions this upcoming year. Asia is one of our main focus as well as Russia. We currently welcome all kind of partnerships to support our growth and are at present in position of opening talks with potential partners.

As a promising start up, there are several types of partnerships we are open to negociate:

Media & Content partners

Generating more traffic and gathering a returning audience have always been at the core of our success. We are keen to partner with similar luxury market background driven organizations to exchange media exposure and eventually exclusive content. We believe in complimentarity and are aware of the importance of connecting with the relevant parties in the sector. That's why we are currently accepting partneships with magazines, TV channels, schools, educational organizations, luxury brands, online media platforms, social networks, writters, bloggers and individuals with a passion and a vision for luxury. For more details, you may contact us through the support page.

Financial contributors & investors

Funding is also another important factor to help support our growth and enable JOBLUX to positively expand. With the rise of new markets, new investments are required. On that purpose we are currently available to hold talks about investment opportunities within the company. For new shareholders, merger, acquisition requests, feel free to contact the management through our support page                                  

Technology partners

Knowledge is king. With that in mind, we keep improving our expertise of the online media domain and would enjoy strenghtening our skills with the right technology partners. Our international presence requires strong seasoned professionals who can bring to the table their intelligence, technology, savoir faire and eventually impact positively JOBLUX expansion. JOBLUX is eager to speak with software developppers, SEO specialists, online marketing experts, community and database managers, other social network owners and many more. They may contact us for more details through our support page