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Terms of use of the www.joblux.co.uk - www.joblux.us - www.joblux.asia - www.jobluxgulf.com www.job-lux.com websites

These General Terms of Use (hereinafter, the “Terms of Use”) govern the relations between:

The JOBLUX company, a corporation under USA law, with head offices located at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard Suite 2400, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA, which operates the “www.job-lux.com” sites,

hereinafter “JOBLUX”

On the one hand,


Users of the Website referenced as " www.job-lux.com" as self-identified upon the creation of their account on the aforementioned Site,

hereinafter, jointly or singly, "the “Members”" or "the “Member”,",

On the other hand.



JOBLUX operates an Internet platform accessible at the www.job-lux.com various web adresses , through available technologies, and particularly through the use of a computer or mobile terminal, allowing Members to create and publish online, under certain conditions, their professional profiles, specifically to develop their professional network, find professional opportunities, exchange ideas, particularly by contacting other members, participating in member-created and -managed forums, or announcing events, the above being directly related to their professional activities (hereinafter, "the “Site”).").

To this end, the Site offers previously registered users a certain number of features, dedicated solely to the development of their network and professional activity (hereinafter, "the “Service”)."). Most of these features are available free of charge; however, some of them, which are optional, are offered at a cost and are reserved to those members who have chosen to subscribe to those services (hereinafter, "the “Subscribers”)"). and thus accept the Special Terms of Sale presented when registering for the subscription (hereinafter, "the “Subscription”).").

Moreover, all Subscribers are ipso facto Members and therefore accept these Terms of Use. 

By accessing the Site and registering prior to using it, as described in Article 1 hereunder, Members acknowledge that they meet the requirements to become Members, as defined in Article 1.1 hereunder, that they have read these Terms of Use, and that they agree to abide by them unreservedly; these Terms of Use consequently constitute a contractual agreement between each Member and JOBLUX. (hereinafter, "the “Contract”)").

Access to and the use of certain Site features may also be subjected to Special Terms of Sale and to Recommendations, which form part of this Contract, as well as to the Privacy Policy, which the Member commits to reading and complying with at all times. These Terms of Use, along with these other documents and the Service and Subscription Registration Forms, are hereinafter known, jointly and separately, as the "“Contractual Documents.”".

Should a Member refuse to comply with any of the obligations and conditions contained in these Terms of Use or in any of the other Contractual Documents, he/she shall be invited not to access the Site nor to use it.

Article 1. Registration to the service

1.1 Membership 

To become a Member, the user must have reached the legal age of majority and/or have the capacity to enter into an agreement under the law, and to have accepted these Terms of Use unreservedly. 

Considering the nature and finality of the Site and Service, he/she must also be acting as a professional, for the purposes of his/her professional activity, and commits to use the Site and Service solely for his/her professional needs. This is a vital and material condition of this Contract.

1.2 Mandatory registration prior to access to the service 

To be able to use the Service, Members must first register by completing the Registration Form, accessible online at the Site (hereinafter, "the “Form”" or "“Registration Form”)."). By completing this Form, the Member acknowledges having read these Terms of Use and accepts abiding by them unreservedly. 

By completing the Registration Form, the Member guarantees JOBLUX he/she has provided exact, truthful, current and complete information concerning his/her identity professional activity and personal data. He/she specifically commits to provide an effective electronic address he/she owns. 

If he/she is not acting on his/her own behalf, he/she guarantees he/she is acting on behalf of a physical or moral person who meets the above conditions, whom he/she legally represents or from whom he/she has been granted an explicit mandate to enter into an agreement with JOBLUX, and who has allowed him/her to provide the information required to use the Service, under the conditions defined herein. 

The Member commits to update all information concerning him/her regularly in his/her profile, to preserve their accurateness, in his/her own interest, considering the purpose of the Service. Each Member may, at any time, modify the data concerning him/her which he/she deems useful or necessary, by clicking on the “Edit” link accessible in the various sections of his/her profile, including those data concerning his/her registration data, through the “My Account” section accessible from his/her profile. 

The Member is herby informed that JOBLUX may verify Registration Forms completed over the Site and reserves the right to suspend the provision of the Service to any Member whose registration mode should violate these Terms of Use, under the conditions set forth in Article 6 hereunder. 

Should a Member provide false, improper, expired or incomplete data, JOBLUX reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Contract and his/her account, and to refuse him/her future access to all or part of the Service, under the conditions set forth in Article 6 hereunder. 

Should a Member violate applicable laws, and particularly criminal laws, or those laws intended to protect third-party rights, or should his/her conduct harm a person’s interests, whosever this may be, including JOBLUX or any company with a legal relation to JOBLUX, or prejudice another Member’s use of the Service, JOBLUX reserves the right to suspend or terminate the contract and his/her account, without prior notice, and to refuse him/her future access to all or part of the Service, under the conditions set forth in Article 6 hereunder. 

Under no circumstance shall JOBLUX be held liable by users or third parties for any error, omission, or inexactness which may arise in the information provided by a Member.

1.3 Member account and password

The Member commits to create only one account for his/her profile.

Each Member may receive, as part of the registration process, at the electronic address provided by him/her at the time of his/her registration, an e-mail for the purpose of activating his/her account. In this case, the Service will only be fully accessible once the Member has fully completed the activation process indicated in said email. 

The login and password chosen by the Member at the time of the registration allows access to the Service. This data is confidential. 

The Member is solely liable for any use which might be made of his/her login and password, and the sole guarantor of their confidentiality and of any use made of his/her account. 

The Member shall inform JOBLUX immediately of any unauthorised use of his/her account, and of any breach of the confidentiality and security of his/her identification means, by completing the contact form available on the Site when you click Online Support.

Should JOBLUX have legitimate reasons to believe that the Service’s security has been violated or that the Service is being used improperly due to an unauthorised use of the Member's identification means, it may temporarily suspend the account, in order, among other points, to preserve the integrity of the Site and data, and, should it seem appropriate, require the modification of said identification means. Should the Member wish to modify 3 his/her identification means, he/she need only to access the Site and modify his/her parameters under the “Preferences” section of his/her profile. 

Should a third party have acquired his/her identification means through the Member’s error, the said Member shall bear sole liability for any use of these identification means and the use made of the Service as a consequence thereof. Under no circumstance shall JOBLUX be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from a Member’s failure to comply with his/her obligations, as stated in this Article. 

JOBLUX reserves the right to deactivate the account of a Member after a period of total inactivity of said account equal to or greater than six (6) months. However, the Member may reactivate his/her account within thirty (30) days of said suspension. 

However, the deactivation of a Member’s account may not occur as long as one or more Subscriptions remain in effect, subject to the stipulations of Article 6.2.2 hereunder. 

In the event of a Member’s death, and upon production of the applicable support documents, the account will be deactivated. Its contents shall only be forwarded to the Member’s beneficiaries following a court ruling.

1.4 Introducing new Members to www.job-lux.com 

Should a Member wish to invite and introduce a person so that the latter may use the Service, he/she shall provide JOBLUX with the full name (last and first) and electronic address of said person. He/she shall previously have obtained this person’s consent to the communication of his/her personal data to JOBLUX and to the use of said data by the latter in the invitation and introduction process of Viadeo. JOBLUX does not store such data if said person does not register with the Site.

Article 2  -  Use of www.job-lux.com 

Subject to compliance with the registration conditions set forth in Article 1 and the minimum required technical configuration set forth in Article 8, Members may use the Site’s free functionalities. 

Members may also take one or more of the Subscriptions offered by JOBLUX. 

The price of the Subscriptions may be consulted on line on the Site, within the Subscription Page pertaining to each Subscription.

Functionalities offered as part of the various Subscriptions, as well as prices, are mentioned in each Subscription Page. 

Generally, Members shall refrain, when using the Site, from committing acts of whatever nature, such as the issue, publication, uploading or distribution of data and/or contents which are against the law, undermine the public order, or violate the rights of JOBLUX or of third parties. 

Specifically, when using the Site, Members shall abide by the Site’s rules, which include but are not limited to the following: 

· Communicating exact information upon their registration and when using the Site; 
· Not using false identities intended to deceive others; 
· Abiding by applicable laws and respecting the rights of others, and complying with these contractual stipulations; 
Using the Site in a legitimate manner, exclusively in accordance with its professional purpose, and in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions and with current practices; Respecting the intellectual property rights pertaining to the contents provided by JOBLUX and by other Members, as well as the property intellectual rights of third parties; therefore, each Member shall refrain from reproducing and/or communicating to the general public, through the Site, one or more contents without the authorization of the holders of the rights to said pertaining contents, when such authorization is required; Not diverting or attempting to divert any of the Site’s functionalities from its normal use, as defined herein; Not overloading the Service in any manner whatsoever. Specifically, Members shall refrain from downloading more than 2,000 pages (or 2,000 “GET”) from the job-lux.com site in a single day without JOBLUX’s prior written authorisation; Not using a robot software or any equivalent automated process or tool when browsing the Site or using the Service; Committing to communicate to JOBLUX and to other Members only information the distribution of which, in their opinion, shall under no circumstance harm themselves, other Members, JOBLUX, or third parties; 
Refraining from distributing information or contents which do not conform to reality; Not distributing data, information or contents of a slanderous, insulting, obscene, offending, violent character or violence-inciting nature, or of a political, racist or xenophobic nature, and generally, any contents which might be contrary to applicable laws and regulations or to public decency; Not distributing data, information or contents intended to reduce, disorganise or hinder the normal use of the Site, or to interrupt and/or slow down the normal flow of communications between Members; 
Not using the Service for mass-mailings of unsolicited messages (advertising or other); Not collecting information regarding third parties, including electronic addresses, to be used to send commercial or equivalent solicitations, or to be integrated within a referencing or equivalent service, whether free or against payment, or to be used in the conduct of a competition watch; Not using the Service, whether directly or indirectly, to implement practices assimilated to “pyramid” sales or services, or any other similar process, particularly those consisting in offering goods to the public and enticing them to expect to receive these free of charge or in exchange of remuneration which is lower than their real value, and conditioning the goods’ obtainment to the selling of tickets or other such instruments to third parties or to the gathering of subscription or registration of new purchasers; Not offering to a third party to gather memberships or to subscribe to a list by demanding from said person the remittance of any remuneration and by enticing her to expect financial gains resulting from an increase in the number of people recruited or registered rather than from the sale, provision or consumption of goods or services; Refraining from participating, whether directly or indirectly, in setting up or developing a network seeking to implement practices assimilated to network sales (Multi-Level Marketing - MLM), the recruitment of members, affiliated members or Independent Home Salespersons (VDI), to constitute such a network or other similar practices. 
- To not directly or indirectly promote one of JOBLUX's competitors or a service offering hiring solutions. 
- To not post or publish continuing education o